Thursday, July 30, 2009

the deadline to enter Gamblin's torrit gray competition is fast approaching... will i manage to scrape something together in time?!?

actually, i shouldn't say 'scrape something together.' I listen to my headphones all day at work and this week i've been listening to a book on tape about procrastination. the author points out that one of the reasons that people procrastinate is to set themselves up with a safety net against potential failure or criticism. this way if your final product is less than perfect, you can blame the lack of time and not yourself. and if it's a success you give yourself an extra little ego boost because you can say to yourself, "if people think this thing i threw together at the last minute is good, they'd be blown away by what i can really do." this is also the reason that projects go unfinished, can't be a failure if it's not even done.

i absolutely do this. with everything, every time.

i'm not done listening to this book yet. i haven't gotten to the chapter where they tell you how to solve this problem... otherwise, this tube of torrit gray may go to waste.

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