Sunday, July 19, 2009

i posted something a while back about checking out painting books from the library and have since gotten a request to be more specific. so. my library's art section is not very big but something is better than nothing, right? i try and avoid the generic 'how to oil paint' books that are ridiculously basic (i only need to learn what a filbert brush is once and i already know what happens when you mix red and yellow). there are also a bunch of catalog-type books that have lots of good images, but lack any sort of explanations regarding process or technique. i tend to grab books on portraiture or figures and since i'm after tips on technique i try to make sure the demos are in oil. below are the books that i have bothered to check out. i think these were all published in the 80s and early 90s and it definitely shows, but once you get past the dated hair and clothes, the techniques are still perfectly relevant. all 4 of these books have good step-by-step photos and explanations.
"Portraits in Oil the Van Wyk Way" by Helen Van Wyk
"Ramon Kelley Paints Portraits and Figures" by Ramon Kelley & Mary Carroll Nelson
"Portraits from Life in 29 Steps" by John Howard Sanden
"Painting Expressive Portraits in Oil" by Paul Leveille
(i also scan or take photos of the books before i return them so that i can refer back to them whenever i need to without having to re-check them out.)

hope this helps. :)

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