Monday, June 15, 2009

this is going to be in an art show in August, which sounds like a bigger deal than it really is. now i have to decide if this is for sale or not and if it is, the price. i don't have a problem with selling it, but putting a price on something makes me feel very self-conscious. i have a really hard time judging the 'value' of something i've made. i look at it and i see a old scrap of cardstock that's been colored on, i see the parts that i wasn't satisfied with. oh well, i'll probably sell it anyway. i'll wait until the last minute and then pull some number out of my ass. i'm sure it'll be underpriced, but at least it might sell that way. of course, they also want to know if there are more for sale, how people can contact me, my website... just the thought of having to price other art also makes me want to mark it 'not for sale.'

i'm being a lazy and childish twat right now and i'm perfectly aware of that. i think all the time how great it would be to just make art for a living and not have a day job (these are day dreams, okay? they're not supposed to be realistic), and here i am being all weird about selling one little drawing.

ugh... why did i even post this

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Anonymous said...

that's funny because i was just going
to ask you if you have any for sale LOL

the last piece i tried to buy online
from the artist, she wanted me to set
the price, even though i said that i
was terrible at that sort of thing,
anyway i think she decided not to sell
it after all, as she made up an excuse
to delay the sale and then i never heard

anyway good luck with it, and don't be
afraid to ask what you think a piece is
worth (what ever that means to you) if
it doesn't sell then you still have it :-)
if it does sell then you get what you
consider fair,
win win

this is davesbit on flickr by the way
not some Totally random person,
just sort of random LOL