Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i've put myself on art house-arrest. or maybe it's art-house arrest... either way, i'm locked up and not coming out until some things get finished. i've got 6 (6!!) paintings going and 2 big drawings. that's way too much unfinished work sitting around. and i just keep buying art supplies! my local art shop obviously bought way too many canvases last fall and now they're always on sale (and we're talking nice big canvases for dirt cheap here, like buy-1-get-4-free cheap). which obviously means that i have to keep buying them. i just counted 20 stretched canvases in the hall closet, plus 2 more that i bought yesterday. add to that the 21 small unstretched ones i've already primed and my house arrest is starting to feel like a life sentence! also, i think it's very sneaky of them to have the canvas on sale and never the paint.

so i'll see you all around xmas time. if i make any progress you (and flickr) will be the first to know.

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