Monday, November 2, 2009

a while back i bought a package of markers with seriously annoying names. but i made a little discovery hiding amongst the cutesy colors: Fandango Pink is just a fancy name for magenta, Hot Aqua is really cyan, Blazed Yellow is just plain old yellow, and Tuxedo Black is, well, black. add some mylar to the mix and what do you have? why, a completely masochistic art project! super fun times!

i drew all those freaking dots by hand (masochism, remember?) with each color on a separate sheet of mylar and then stacked them up with a little spacer between each layer. the layers only line up if you look at it dead center, from an angle the registration doesn't quite line up. makes it kinda hard to take a photo of, but in person it give it a cool 3D effect.

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