Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i feel like i should explain this somehow. but i'm not sure i need to and i'm not sure i can.

i'm still working on this. the hand seems really big to me, but if you look at the original photo it's quite accurate. i think since the fingers really pop and the shadow under the hand has gotten a bit lighter, it's lost it's anchor to the body and seems more prominent than before. the colors in this photo are a little wonky too. i tried to correct them a little bit, the yellow tones on the arm and hip don't looks as harsh in person. the wrist and arm need to be brighter, the light hitting the hip much brighter. bringing those areas forward should help with the hand too. right now the hand has life and everything else is kinda flat.

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L said...

great work! i saw this posted on your flickr & subsequently discovered your blog. i'm loving your sketchbook pages as well as paintings. this is spectacular. are you self-trained?